The Digital Projection of Your Mental Self

The Digital Soul is the name we give the Portable Digital Identity created by the tools we make. In setting up a free account, you’re not joining a new platform or password manager, or trusting someone to manage your info – you’re taking control yourself.

Think of it like the ability to climb into the computer, with a passport to any world, and all your friends and digital stuff in tow, whether you’re playing a game or reading a website, in a virtual world or augmented reality – or even controlling a robotic avatar!

Use our free tools to extract your personal information, relationships and data from online data resellers and abusive platforms, and reclaim the pieces of your Digital Soul.

User Sovereignty

The Digital Soul represents a sovereign user, and sovereignty means everything under your control. 

A sovereign system must:

  • Keep personal information protected and user controlled
  • Only share information and credentials with permission
  • Allow revocation of permission
  • Allow the user to leave with all their data at any time
  • Allow the user to permanently delete all data
  • Implement transparency
  • Use Open Source systems
As the Metaverse progresses, it’s increasingly important to protect privacy and personal data, and ensure control of that data is in user’s hands. This is the key to the White Mirror alternative – ensuring we all have control and equity in our own digital lives, and a choice in how we participate.

Your identity and personal information live in a secure vault in a “wallet” kept on your devices. It’s never shared, never open to anyone else, and encrypted with your personal data (password, biometrics etc). 

Your connections to people, websites and games are all managed automatically and individually, with unique encryption for each one, and anonymised so nobody can track your behaviour online.

Emergence SDK and Digital Souls use the Sovrin Blockchain, and Self Sovereign Identity standards to protect your identity, and are adding support for more identity services all the time.


Represent Yourself

We add public names and avatars on top of this, so you can be Anita Singh in your work teleconference and AeonFlux in Virtual Reality – or whoever you want to be, synced to all your devices for convenience.

Use as many Personas as you like with unique settings for online visibility, avatars or in-world preferences. Or be anonymous if you prefer.

Wear your favourite avatars, digital fashion and skins everywhere

Maintain your contact, proximity and privacy settings from world to world

Control who knows what about you, and who can get in touch

Use our tools to import your friends, family and audiences from Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and more, to create uniquely end-to-end encrypted connections under your control. No more de-platforming – now you are the platform. Send text, audio & video in-game or anywhere, stream your gameplay – even invite your friends to join you in world!


Make Your Digital Life A Game

Nobody has time to learn about crypto wallets or tokens or encryption – we just want to download our skins, wear our avatars and buy do fun stuff online.

So Emergence provides familiar game style interfaces to manage your Digital Soul, making the whole Metaverse one big Massively Multiplayer Role Playing Game (MMORPG). The interface is available in games, virtual worlds and virtual and augmented reality, and users can install a free browser plugin and mobile app for access any time.

  • Passwordless, secure access to wander world to world safely with no logins, no signups
  • An Inventory to manage your avatars, skins, dances, cryptokitties and digital land
  • A Universal Wallet that automatically sets up any crypto bits and pieces and manages transactions for you in cryptocurrency, game currency or real cash
  • A Universal Communicator to reach your family, friends and audiences any time, anywhere, safely 
  •  Universal feeds to keep your family up to date and share your digital travels and exploits with your friends

Come with us on the journey

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