Your On-Ramp To The Metaverse

The Emergence SDK is a drop in asset for popular game engines and web frameworks that provides easy, familiar access to the Digital Trust Layer, including identity management, verifiable credentials, setup and management of crypto wallets and more, while providing the player with familiar game style interfaces to manage their digital lives.

  • Saves time & development effort
  • Removes the web 3.0 learning curve
  • Reduce the risk of blockchain, tokens and downloadable content
  • Keeps complexity invisible to remove player friction
  • Easy familiar function hooks and blueprint nodes

Access Future Proof Security

  • Employ cutting edge Self Sovereign Identity Standards in familiar patterns
  • Unique, automated encryption for every account
  • Verifiable Credentials – anonymity with accountability
  • Prevents multi-account attacks, sock-puppetting and other forms of abuse
  • Secure direct player access  with no passwords!
  • Better KYC while removing the risk of data breaches and hacks
  • Issue your own customizable credentials
  • Reduce player friction on signup and login

Manage Crytpocurrency Invisibly

  • Invisible auto-setup and backup of crypto wallets for players
  • Automatically managed currency conversions & payments
  • Cryptocurrency, Game currencies & Fiat
  • Support for various types of tokens and NFTs
  • Makes avatars, skins and tokens as easy as inventory items
  • Reduce risk for transactions
  • Automate in-game trading and content networks

Access A Universal Inventory

  • Use the Digital Soul UI as part of the Emergence SDK, or integrate fully with in-game UI
  • Fully managed permission network for asset access
  • Easily filter by tag, origin or other properties
  • Verify & manage ownership
  • Trade, sell and download items of any type without crypto or blockchain integration
  • Integrate universal avatars, downloadable player avatars and content, or interoperable items.
  • Integrates with popular achievement and leaderboard systems
  • Access data locally, cached, on central servers or decentralized file storage with the same functions

Built In Secure Comms & Friends Lists

  • Players can import relationships and audiences from other platforms
  • Digital Soul  peer to peer communications network can be used for in game chat or integrated with existing chat
  • Works as game overlay style buddy list
  • Send screenshots, video, streaming viewpoint
  • Makes every player a powerful word of mouth network
  • Uniquely encrypted communications between every peer
  • Remove risk of chat management
  • Apply verifiable credentials to chat channels to ensure only women in the womens channel, or only kids on the kids planet chat

Congratulations on taking your first step to joining the Open Metaverse!  We’re keen to work closely with developers to tailor the Emergence SDK to suit your process, and to understand your needs and priorities in building games and applications.

Fill out the short form below and signup to apply to the Emergence SDK alpha, and we’ll be in touch ASAP.