The Open Metaverse

The future is already here,
it's just not very evenly distributed

William Gibson

The Open Metaverse

The future is already here,
its just not very evenly distributed

William Gibson

The Metaverse is upon us, it should be Open

An already booming gaming and online ecosystem has been thrust years further into the future than anyone expected. The convergence of a number of new technologies including Mixed Reality, Blockchains, Cryptography and Self Sovereign Identity make possible much of what sci-fi authors and gamers alike have dreamed of for decades, and the global pandemic has forced us to take giant leaps forward in a hurry.

Now billions of people are living, working and playing online, and spending billions of dollars per month on digital property and services. But we’re still in the early days of discovering what connectivity and interoperability can do at this scale, and how the emergent properties of these new worlds can affect our communities and our lives.

The Open Metaverse Pilot is a moonshot of a different kind – an attempt to imagine how technology can improve lives, build equality, and create connections for everyone, not just the wealthy and well connected. Backed by a consortium of international brands, technologists and dreamers, this open sandbox is a proving ground for new types of commerce, communication and entertainment.

Imagine all the best parts of social media and online gaming without the bots, trolls and harassment. Or the power of automation and hyper-connectivity with none of the identity theft, corporate surveillance or privacy problems. This is what the Open Metaverse Pilot is all about.

Blueprints for the Open Metaverse

The consortium of businesses and individuals building the Open Metaverse on shared standards. We are growing daily, and founding members include digital fashion brands, telecoms companies, distributed compute platforms, content creators and more.

This diverse group of disciplines has come together on the simple premise of bringing their own expertise to share in a connected metaverse – and build worlds, games and platforms that are interconnected and open. 

Crucible is working to create the open infrastructure that joins the worlds of many talented game developers, web developers and artists without the “walled garden” or closed platform effects that have crippled our current social media and technology business models. In joining these systems together and empowering true user sovereignty and portable digital identity, we are working to prove the business cases behind concepts like “foot traffic” and digital tourism in an Open Metaverse.

If you’re a builder, creator, brand or platform who shares this vision and is interested in becoming part of the largest and fastest growing economy in human history, we’d love you to join us. 

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