Take control of your privacy, your property, and your entire digital life with the Emergence Agent Interface

Your Passport to the Open Metaverse

An ever present, always available companion to your travels in the Open Metaverse. Inside your games, beside you as you visit virtual worlds, go to work in telepresence or browse the web.

Your friends, digital property, social media and personal accounts at your fingertips wherever you go.

Privacy, Anonymity, Worlds Without Borders

Secured with the latest in Self Sovereign Identity – powerful encryption protecting your data, preventing you from being tracked online, and stopping people from correlating your activities.

Be sure of your contacts, websites and games. Know who you’re connected to and guard yourself with cryptographic Verifiable Credentials.

Move from world to world, game to website securely with no logins and no passwords, signing up automatically without handing over your data, using Zero-Knowledge Proofs

Protect, Represent, and Express Yourself

Be whoever you want to be. Self Sovereign Identity is anonymous to keep your data and activities safe, and we securely add multiple Personas on top.

When you’re gaming, use your gaming handle, and set your default Avatars for different worlds, and keep your private info private.

Use your real name and a lifelike Avatar for teleconferencing or VR, easily prove you are who you say you are using Verifiable Credentials.

Switch Personas instantly, and connect to your  contacts by whatever name you choose.

Avatar assets are examples only, no ownership or partnerships are implied

Always be in touch

The moment you arrive in-game, your friends and contacts, even your social media audiences are already there with you.

Cryptographically verified contacts, secure, end-to-end encrypted communications for text, group chat, voice and video.

Secret chats with fully peer to peer connections, uniquely encrypted, and never sent through a server.

Chat across games, from world to world, stream your game-view to a friend or invite them to join you. 

You’re never isolated in the Open Metaverse.


Everything at your fingertips

All your digital property – skins, avatars, emotes, NFTs, tokens and collectibles are with you everywhere you go.

Create custom avatars – lifelike, cartoon and everything in between. Capture your correct body measurements to try on clothes online, and collect the latest digital fashion in a wardrobe to customize your digital look.

Manage your collectibles and vault your NFTs the easy way, make ownership an experience and generate profiles, portfolios and WebVR walkthrough galleries to showcase your digital art.

Avatar assets are examples only, no ownership or partnerships are implied

Pay your way

Enjoy blockchain games without worrying about setting up crypto wallets.

Manage cryptocurrency, exchanges and even in-game currencies in a simple interface.

Access your personal and business bank accounts, credit and debit cards, all in the same place.

Choose how you pay wherever you are, with default payment systems and accounts for any world, game or website.

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© 2020 Crucible Networks Ltd. All rights reserved.