Tools for Builders, Portable Digital Identity for Players. Get Involved…

Phase 1:
Portable (Sovereign) Digital Identity

Emergence SDK, a Digital Soul & Self Sovereign Identity Standards give back control of data to users, and create a network of first class, sovereign citizens of the new digital economy.

June 2020
December 2020

Phase 2:

Convergent Worlds creates standards and development tools for portable avatars, interoperable content, modding, tokens & NFTs, content marketplaces and more, connecting the worlds of the Open Metaverse

Phase 3:
Moderation & Reputation

The ModNet provides accountability while retaining anonymity, promotes and rewards good behaviour, gives communities the tools to police themselves and lets the user control what they see.

May 2021
October 2021

Phase 4:
World Building

Democratised tools for every Digital Soul to be a World Builder. From influencers to narrative designers to 3D Artists, all contribute to the Open Metaverse and retain equity in their own work.

The Open Metaverse

The new creative and economic sandbox, all worlds and applications connected, all user data under personal control – freedom to go anywhere, build anything and represent yourself.